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Grey Silk Pillowcase - Queen Size - Zippered
maria grazia Baiguini (Sangiano, IT)
Cannot do without the silk pillow

I bought in the last year at least 4 pairs of silk pillow cases . Very happy. I’m using now a pair here in Italy and I’m very satisfied with the silk mulberry quality

5 Pack Reusable Bamboo Face Rounds
Anna P (Melbourne, AU)
The perfect soft touch

I love the texture, its soft, and the right size

Black Silk Lined Hoodie
Anna P (Melbourne, AU)

My sister loves her hoodie, for evening walks, comfy, warm.

Pink Silk Sleep Mask
Debbie Suey (Brisbane, AU)
It’s like tucking in your eyes for bed..the best

Absolutely love my mask. It’s just like tucking in your eyes in bed for an amazing sleep. Can’t live without my mask. Best sleep ever!!!!

Black Silk Sleep Mask
Adriana Fernandez (Sydney, AU)
5 star

Absolutely love my silk mask it feel’s beautiful on certainly not restrictive and literally will not fall asleep without it


I love the quality of silk, the feel and the ease in which I can do my hair when I wake up! I seem to have less sleep lines that need to plump back out once I wake up.

In the Pink

Bought these pillowcases for my mum's birthday .
She loves them - the colour, the feel, even commented on the smooth zipper.

Black Luxe Single Side Silk / Single Side Bamboo - Queen Size - Zippered
Sheridan Mcconnell (Melbourne, AU)

With my hair loving silk but my brain is sick of constantly waking up to chase my pillow around the bed. This pillowcase has saved both my hair and my sanity. Love it, no more chasing my pillow around the bed and no more having to settle for cotton so I get a decent nights sleep. Thanks Shhh Silk.

Black Silk Lined Hoodie
Graham (Melbourne, AU)

Comfortable, warm and smooth silky feel in the hood.

Black Silk Lined Shower Cap
Anon (Sydney, AU)

elastic very loose

Black Silk Lined Shower Cap
Ivana Pozzebon (Melbourne, AU)
Silk lined shower cap

Can’t use it way too big

Obsessed with this brand

Everything from their scrunchies to their pillow cases they are perfection and the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. I can’t tell you how many people try to steal my hair ties 😂😂😂


Obsessed with these oversized scrunchies! Would love more colours!

Black Silk Single Side Silk / Single Side Bamboo Pillowcase - Queen Size - Zippered
YTav (New York, US)

Look forward to working with ur company more in the future. The dogs and myself love the satin black pillowcase.

Pink Silk Pillowcase - Queen Size - Zippered
Leanne Reiff (Melbourne, AU)

Have been buying these pillowslips for over 6 years. Love them!

Dreaming Silk Sleep Mask
Anna Barrer (McLean, US)
Great mask

Mask is very soft and comfortable.Color is perfect!

Larger pillowcase... comfort

My hair feels relaxed..taken care of..after an all night sleep..#comfort

Off White Single Side Silk / Single Side Bamboo Pillowcase - Queen Size - Zippered
Anna P (Melbourne, AU)
That lovely feeling

I love the feel..i know its nourishing my good night sleep...

Add Personalisation - Single
Anna P (Melbourne, AU)

Its lovely to just a lovely feeling from a loved one or for yourself.

I Need Sleep Sleep Mask
Cielo rigby (Sydney, AU)
Sleep mask

It changed my life. I better and do not even know I am wearing it

Pink Silk Lined Shower Cap
Karen Hansen (Sydney, AU)
Pink Silk Shower Cap

I am surprised how large cap is. I have a medium sized head and the cap is way too big allowing water and steam to come in unless I clip it tighter. Not noticing any difference in my hair. It is pretty and inside comfortable.

Hair volume retained.

My hair is very straight and fine. I found the shower cap did do a good job at retaining much of the volume during showering. 4 stars given because the cap itself is too big. I use a hair band to tie it into the correct size.

Pink Silk Sleep Mask
Ruby Sikma (Sydney, AU)

Pink Silk Sleep Mask

Shower Cap

Love it so soft and big and covers all my hair. Highly recommend

2 Gray Silk Pillowcases - King Size - Zippered
Shereen Ghuloum (Kuwait City, KW)
Love them!

They’re great it’s the first time i try silk products and I’m not disappointed! They feel soft and didn’t notice anything bad about them, i got the hair ties and pillow sheets. And i think I’m starting to notice my face skin is not dry as if it’s moisturized naturally when i wake up, and the sheets doesn’t smell from the hair. I like them they’re so gentle on skin and hair. As for washing, I don’t have a feedback cuz i still didn’t wash any, i used them even though it said to wash them first 😅. Also, for the pillow sheets, it said in the instructions to wash them in the washing machine (there’s more details on how), but I’m thinking of hand washing, as i saw some yt videos, but idk is it okay with this brand’s product?!